Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Viwawa DevPals program about?

Viwawa DevPals is a program that allows companies and individuals who are passionate about games to develop games and earn revenue from them through the large Viwawa community.

2. Will I get good technical support as a developer?

Viwawa DevPals is built on our proprietary Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) scalable engine. Hence, we are able to respond fast to any of our developers’ requests. There is no need to wait for external providers of MMO engines typical of many other MMO games out there in the market. Viwawa DevPals is built with the ultimate consideration for a smooth development experience usually expected by developers.

3. Are there any fees to join?

Yes, there is an annual fee of US$50.00. This fee is required in order to ensure commitment from our developers.

4. What is the Super Game Award about?

Viwawa DevPals is offering the first 10 games published on Viwawa a very strong marketing support coupled with other attractive incentives. This will ensure our developers’ games get maximum exposure within the Viwawa community.

5. Where are your gamers from?

The Viwawa gaming community exists primarily in the Southeast Asian countries. We are arguably the largest independent social gaming platform today in Southeast Asia with millions of registered gamers in our network.

6. What is the typical revenue share to developers?

Viwawa pays 50% of net revenue to our developers. This is considered a very generous rates as Viwawa bears all the bandwidth, hardware, network, distribution and marketing costs. In addition, we also bear the payment channel costs. So, for developers, the only cost for them is their time.

7. Do the games I developed for Viwawa DevPals have to be exclusive?

No, they do not have to. In fact, we recognize the world is too big for any developers to develop their games solely for a single platform. You are free to port your games to other platforms as well. Conversely, you can also port your existing popular games to the Viwawa community.

8. Are there any style guides to the games?

Yes, there are. In order to ensure a consistent Viwawa gaming experience, developers have to adhere to our house-style.

9. Are we allowed to put up our company name in the game introduction screen?

Yes, definitely. We have no wish to steal the limelight from you. We allow our developers to put a Proprietary Notice mark on the game introduction screen such as “This game is developed by XYZ Studios”.

10. Are we able to see real time reports of the game items purchased by gamers?

Yes, you will be able to view the various item purchase reports within the Developer Control Panel.

11. How much time can a developer expect to develop a game on Viwawa?

It really depends on the complexity of the games. For simple games, including of all artwork done, it can be as fast as two weeks of day and night coding. (I heard you saying you are passionate about games development) Just bear in mind that a fun game does not have to consist of a million lines of code. The game model is the most important consideration, followed by design and effects.

12. Can I sign up as an individual?

Yes, you can. In fact, some of the best casual games were developed by individuals in their own spare time. The difference with Viwawa DevPals is that we allow this “hobby” to turn into something profitable and sustainable for the individuals passionate in games development.

13. Are we given free rein to develop any game we want?

Yes, you are. However, all games development must be preceded with a Concept Form submitted to our evaluation team. This is to ensure there are not many games of the same genres and models launched at the same time. To achieve a sustainable program for our developers, we have to ensure all games published on Viwawa are fun and of a high quality. This Concept to Green Lighting approach will also serve to protect our developers’ games currently in development from very similar games which will be published at the same time.

14. What knowledge of programming languages / platforms are required to develop games using the DevPals API?

At the moment, the two programming languages are Flash (ActionScript 3) and Java. There are plans in the near future to port the API to the iOS platform.